Wednesday, October 14, 2009

I Love Makeovers!

I love makeovers. I saw this dresser before and after and was impressed by the mayo trick to get rid of water stains on wood. Apparently, you can rub a generous amount of mayo on the water ring stain, leave overnight and then wipe away in the morning. Fabulous! I'm always looking for neat tips and tricks for cleaning.

One more to daughter went to her Grammy's house and then came back with her new white shorts and darling pink top covered in RED lipstick. Are you kidding me? I dress her in her best and my husband and Grammy let her do this. Well, here’s how the story goes….they were playing hide and seek and my daughter decided instead of seeking that she would decide to put on lipstick.

Not to worry. I will find a way to get it out. Guess what I used? Dawn dishwashing soap. I put it on the kitchen cabinet and laid it where only the layer that had the lipstick was on it I would be working with. I did this so I wouldn't let any seep through to the back layer that didn't have any on it. Then, I gradually put dawn (I used the foaming kind) on the stains kind of scratching it with my finger nail to work it in and to remove the lipstick that was coming out. This was a process because it doesn't come out all at once. After I was finished rinsed it out in cold water and threw it in the regular wash. Really painless to do and it ALL did come out. Not a trace to be seen.

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