Friday, September 16, 2016

MISSION Athletecare’s EnduraCool towel

exercise accessories

Fitness is very important to my oldest daughter. She just asked for a Fitbit on her birthday. So, naturally when I was asked to review the MISSION Athletecare’s EnduraCool towel she wanted to try it out on her "workout" LOL. She pretty much does stretches and when she starts to sweats calls it quits. But she does love to look the part:)

I'm a little more realistic and tried it out at the pool. I'm usually pool side fully dressed watching my two girls swim which can get pretty hot here in Texas. I dropped it around my neck to take the edge off. It's become my next best friend. I also really like the fun, funky colors they come in. Thank you MISSION Athletecare for letting me review the new EduraCool towel.

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Happy Anniversary - 14 Years!

I'm a little 2 weeks. But, it was my 14th Wedding Anniversary! The country music song quote, "there has been more good than bad years." Pretty much sums it up;)

I was bored at home since both of my littles are now in school:( So I decided to go outside and take a pic of my wedding ring. Which then prompted this post. 

macro ring shot

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Water Park Birthday Party!

River Country Water Park in Muskogee
This year we had my oldest daughter's 10th birthday at River Country Water Park in Muskogee. It is becoming more and more challenging coming up with a location for our birthday parties. We've decided since the move to Texas we'd have a family party in Oklahoma so everyone can attend.

One of the positives of having it at the water park means virtually no clean up, but I would not recommend paying the price they have for their birthday packages since they do nothing! I actually had to ask them to have people move from the area we paid to have reserved. Which they ended up not doing and the people still stayed. So DO NOT PAY for their private pavilion. Just have someone go and hold the area. But, what more can you ask for when it's run by a bunch of teenagers and the adult managers sit inside under air conditioning and never bother coming out?

Bottom line it was nice having it where all the kids could have fun and clean up was easy. And as a side note their hamburgers from the concession were really good. But beware no water or any other kind of drink is allowed in at the gate and the water pitchers that you pay for is tap water....and it tastes like it! I know it sounds like I'm being a diva but really tap water is so yucky!

For the party favors I made personalized tumblers with each guest's name. This made it really easy to figure out who's cup was who's.  And I packaged a small sunscreen and sunglasses. The kid's loved it.

Here's the birthday girl with her cake before we got ready to go to the water park. She is getting so big!

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

DIY Honey Bee Logo Design

My Brother-in-Law & Sister-in-Law are in their hobby years and are venturing into the honey business. They have the bees and now the honey (their first crop just came to fruition) but they still needed a design to go with their new honey business. So here is what I came up with per my Sister-in law's request and of course I had to do a little photoshoot with the new bee design. 

Just for fun I made some hang tags for their purchasing bags and more hang tags for the honey jars.

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Father's Day Gift Idea: The Joke Book Only Dad/Gramps Could Love

My daughter who just turned ten loves jokes. She loves telling jokes and she loves hearing them as well. So, when I was contacted to review "The Ultimate Book of Dad Jokes" I knew it was a perfect fit. And double points for my daughter being able to give it to her Gramps for Father's Day! It was a hit! The jokes are appropriate for all ages.

He told her after he got it that he was going to study up for when she came back to visit. I was laughing because he is 82 years old! So let's see how many he can remember when she comes back. By the way this new book features 1,001+ funny jokes so good luck with trying to even read all of those jokes! My husband is in the background of the recorded video chiming in with his mother. They both hate all the jokes Gramps makes them listen to so now it's onto the next generation getting tortured with this hilarious book "The Ultimate Book of Dad Jokes." Think your Dad or Gramps would enjoy it too? You can purchase your own "The Ultimate Book of Dad Jokes" over at Amazon for $9.50.
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