Thursday, March 27, 2014

Judy Moody Party Favor

Are you having a Judy Moody birthday party?  Or do you have a Judy Moody enthusiast?  Just made these for the sweetest customer and so I'm adding them to my Etsy shop. You can get yours here.

Monday, March 17, 2014

St. Patrick's Day - Green Noodles

We love the holidays.  For St. Patrick's Day I made green spaghetti!

 Apparently, it was very good.  I also made green rice crispies too.

The baby slurping up all the green noodles. 

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Hand Stamped Napkins

Here are some paw hand stamped napkins I did for an upcoming dog party I was throwing.  I know.....I'm crazy! But when I have a vision there is no stopping me and now with Pinterest it is a dangerous world I live in.  I saw these napkins first here and knew I had to do them. I bought a regular o'l ink pad but it didn't give me the look I was going after.  I wanted it dark (saturated). I then tried regular craft paint that you can get at the local craft store.  It looked more like I was envisioning but I had only had dark grey and I wanted black.  Again, I've got issues but that is a whole other story. Lol. I've got a bunch of craft crap stuff so I went looking through it and found some screen printing ink that I had bought and it was black so I gave it a go and it was just right.  Let me warn you if you try this it is messy.  I did mine in my storage room on the concrete floor so if it go messy I could clean it up.

Here they are all layed out drying.

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Cat Poop Cake

Ok, so for the upcoming dog party I made a cat poop cake.  Why?  Because every dog I've had loves to eat cat poop.  It is SO gross!  But since dog's really don't know it's their birthday I wanted to gear this party towards the kids. The dog's owner has two young boys. Boys love anything gross, apparently.  I wouldn't know but am learning since I have two girls.  I found this from here and she gives great instructions so I didn't feel like repeating them. By the way I copied her's exactly. You can get all the details there. I don't think she gave the cost of the litter pan and scooper (bought at Wal-mart). I paid $3.00 for the litter pan and $1.00 for the scooper = $4.00 for great presentation.  It's all about the looks, right?

Friday, March 14, 2014

St. Patrick's Day School Treats

Every class needs a clover sucker lollipop garden for St. Patrick's Day, right?  Well at least my daughter's class will have one.  Her sweet little teacher likes the water bottles I do and I can't just do one thing so..... I made these too.  The original creator here used Charms Blow Pop suckers and I wanted to but Wal-mart was out and then when I went to CVS to try and find them I figured out that they are blow pops (with gum). Duh. I knew that hence the name blow pops.  No gum at school.  So it worked out better that I used dum dums they are smaller and worked out perfect, with no gum.
With Glittering Eyes has a very detailed tutorial if you are wanting to do this too.  The only thing I did different was use dum dum suckers, put my styrofoam blocks in a square since I had two, use hot glue to put on the fence and grass, and use my own files but it's pretty much the exact same.
Here are the files if you have a Silhouette and would like to make one too:)
Here are the St. Patrick's Day water bottles I did for Payton's class.  I really don't believe in reinventing the wheel if you don't have to, but I never can just leave the original as is. So I made the clover bigger, added the teacher's name with a heart and added a dotted border. Oh, and they were originally toppers too.

Monday, March 3, 2014

Dog Party Invitation!

Well I can't believe a year has already passed and so that means it's dog party time - again.  Our sweet friends love their dog. I mean really l.o.v.e. their dog.  Well at least the wife and kids do. The jury is still out for the husband.  I only say that because he thinks it is absolutely ludicrous to throw a dog a birthday party.  And while I agree it is a little outlandish I too have been known to throw my own dog a birthday party and she has also been known to get presents under the tree at Christmas just like the really babies do.  We call her our fur baby so I understand that's why I enable help her:)

Here are the invitations I came up with this year.  I used the same Weimaraner silhouette I used last year because I still think it is adorable and really the "dog" doesn't know.
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