Friday, October 31, 2014

Halloween Family Dinner

I love the holidays!  All of them.  For Halloween I made a special dinner. 
 For the main course I served stuffed Jack O' Lantern bell peppers.
Jack O' Lantern pop was served for the drink. You may have remembered I made this also last year. It will be a repeat because it is so easy and cute!
And lastly, here are my little pumpkins ready to eat their festive Halloween dinner.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

SOL REPUBLIC DECK Speaker Giveaway & Review!

Do you want a sound booming, portable, party favorite speaker? Then the SOL REPUBLIC DECK speaker priced at a modest $199.99 is the audio device for you.  These are available in array of colors to match your personality too. They come in blue, black, yellow, or red. I have put this sleek looking little sound echoing device thru a battery of field tests in which it conquered like an Olympic athlete.

First, I took this little sound monster down to our apartment pool for a little mood music while the kids were swimming. Transporting this speaker to your favorite hangout couldn’t get any easier as I placed it in the top zipper compartment of my soft-side cooler. I was pleasantly surprised at the volume level this stylish speaker could reach all the while not comprising sound quality. I was also not expecting the blue tooth distance this device afforded me as I forgot to take my iPhone out of my pocket when I took my youngest in for a bathroom break almost 100 feet away from the pool!

Second, I took my SOL REPUBLIC DECK speaker with me to the golf course for a relaxing day at the links. My golfing buddies were in awe of the powerful sound this dynamic speaker could belt out in such a vast outdoor setting. The Deck speaker fits perfectly on the cup holder of the golf cart tucked in right behind your favorite tasty cold beverage and the rubber anti-slip backing on the Deck will prevent your speaker from sliding off into any potential water hazards!

Next up for the SOL REPUBLIC DECK speaker was a trip to my local poker night. My buddies were all-in when they discovered the “heist” feature on the Deck which allows up to five devices to be paired at one time and to hijack the speaker to their favorite song. There was no bluffing when I informed them of the unheard of battery life of the Deck which can last an amazing 10 hours on a single charge!

Lastly, I decided to take the SOL REPUBLIC DECK speaker with me on one of my many business trips. I’ve had trouble in the past watching Netflix on my iPad and actually being able to hear the audio without the use of a hearing aid! Not a problem anymore with the DECK! I can simply lay back and enjoy my cartoons and never again have to strain my eardrums to get a refreshing audio quality that the Deck delivers.

So if you want a portable, clear, sound rocking, trendy audio speaker then the SOL REPUBLIC DECK speaker is the next must purchase item for you. Trust me, you and more importantly your eardrums will thank you!

Lucky for you... you can possibly win one of your own. If not so lucky, you can also purchase them HERE as well. 

* Only one winner per 6 month period of a SOL REPUBLIC device. I love all the SOL REPUBLIC fans but we have to spread the love around:)

Friday, May 9, 2014

Teacher Appreciation Week ~ Pop

Teacher Appreciation Week! Today was a freebie day.  You are encouraged to bring your teacher anything you want.  Our PTO gives the teacher a survey at the beginning of the year about things they like and this was the first year I've looked at them. I'm glad I did since I was going to send in a Starbuck's gift card. I looked at our teacher's survey and her drink of choice is pop. Diet coke to be exact. So I changed the gift to a pack of diet cokes with a note that states, "I am soda-delighted that you are my teacher." I've seriously been making the gifts the morning of and I really didn't want to recreate this label that originally came from {Tammy Michell Designs}. But it didn't make since to say I'm soda-delighted that you were my teacher since it is for teacher appreciation week and not for the end of school gift. So, off to the computer I went and changed it to say are instead of were.

And it just so happens that I made it the perfect size to fit into the plastic carrying handle:)

Click below to download:

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Personalized Apple Post It Note Holder

Teacher Appreciation Week

Here is the post it note holder that I personalized for Payton's teacher for one of the days for Teacher Appreciation Week.  It turned out so cute.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Teacher Apprecation Week: Cup

Teacher Apprecation Week! Today's theme is a handwritten note.  I made this cup and Payton wrote a note and we put it inside. 

Teacher Appreciation Gift Idea for PE Teacher's

Teacher appreciation week is THIS week! I promised last year that I was also going to include the encore teachers but didn't realize I was going to be so busy.  But, I am some how managing to fit it in, usually at 10:00 at night when Payton reminds me:) Here is her present for her PE teacher.  I originally saw this idea here and adapted it for her PE teacher. I also made a download if anyone is interested minus the name.  You can just write that in.

Click below for file download:

I "SKOR" ED PE teacher appreciation tag
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