Tuesday, January 31, 2012

DIY Door Muff.....To Keep Babies Sleeping

Ok, so I am officially obsessed with Pinterest.  I saw this door muff (material you attach over door latch to shut door so it won't make noise while you open/shut it) on Pinterest and thought....maybe I could make one. 

I will do ANYTHING to keep my baby sleeping! We are in a new house and when I shut the door even when I hold in the handle and release it REALLY slowly the paint from the door shutting pops.  Or at least that's all I can come up with that it is.

Here is how I made mine.
Get your supplies.  I used some scrap fabric, felt, and ribbon.
(2) 6 in x 5 in fabric of your choice (this is my floral fabric)
(3) 3 1/2 x 5 inches of felt (use light colored felt if you are using light fabric so it won't show through)  You can see I only had a enough for one of the pieces to be the lightest color and had to use beige for the rest but it doesn't matter because it doesn't show through the floral fabric.
(4) 17 inches of ribbon (this was too long but once you get it tied like you want then you can trim it.  If it's too short you can't ADD fabric but you can always take it away.

Iron floral fabric around felt. Iron down raw edges of second piece of material for when you top stitch it later. I also clipped my corners.
Add your ribbon on both sides. You want to place the ribbon in the center on the longest sides.
Pin it all together.

Top stitch all the way around.

Now tie the ribbons to the front and back door handles on your nursery door with the padded 'muff' tight against the door's button/latch. Open and close the door as needed without turning the handles.
The padded 'muff' holds the door's button in and is thick enough to keep the door closed when needed.

Side note: If you look closely in my picture I have some black marks where the door closes.  I would make sure and wipe that area so you don't get the same marks. Or you could wash it if that bothers you...which it does me.

I also just found the name of the fabric I used.  I got it years ago for my first baby at Hobby Lobby.  It is SSI Robyn Pandolph Tickled Pink Rose Fabric.

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  1. what size did you make the felt pieces, 31/2 x what

  2. 3 1/2 x 5 inches. Sorry about that.

    Make sure you measure your own door too, just to make sure the dimensions are correct for you.

  3. I wanna know where you found the adorable butterfly pins!!!

  4. Marcia,
    I bought the butterfly pins at Hobby Lobby. I think they are called quilting pins.


  5. That is a brilliant -and gorgeous- solution! :)

  6. What a great idea to use ribbon! That way it is adjustable to whatever your door size/handle sizes are! I like that a lot better than the elastics, and it's pretty :)


  7. To clarify.. Is the top stitching the only sewing you did on this?

  8. Yes, Laura @ Mrs. In the Making - The only sewing is topstiching around the perimeter of the door muff.


  9. Thank you! This is going to be a great addition to my Christmas gift for my brother who will be a new father soon. I wish I thought to make one of these when my little girl was younger. I think I'll make one for myself in time for my next one. Thank you!!!

  10. Marie-
    I'm so glad you liked it. Make sure and send me a picture so I can see how your turned out.


  11. This is so much fun.Love to learn on how to make this one.

    quality door

  12. I made one of these today and it was so simple and so cute! Thanks for the easy tutorial! I will definitely be gifting these to my pregnant friends!

    1. I'm so I could be of help. They are super easy:)

  13. I'm new to sewing but this looks easy.. Trying it tomorrow, thanks for the post!!


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