Monday, January 9, 2012

Pottery Barn Santa Clause Canvas Knockoff

pottery barn santa canvas

Well here is my first attempt to recreate a pin I did off of pinterest.

It is no way perfect but good enough for me.  I kind of went off of these directions from a pin I pinned on pinterest. I am unfamiliar with the grid system she refers too but I guess it would work.  I just winged it and didn't have as great of results as she did but again....good enough for me. 
Materials: I used a large piece of wood I got from Lowe's and had them cut it down to a 48 x 48 square.  I came up with this number based on the space I had to fill above my mantle. You could use anysize you wanted that is the beauty of it.  I had originally wanted to use a canvas this size but Michael's didn't carry that size and Hobby Lobby was too far.  I think that the canvas would be an excellent option.
Next, was a pint of mistint paint at Lowe's used to paint the board a solid color.
Finally, I used a pencil to sketch the outline and  3 oil based sharpie to color it in.

So for under $30 dollars I had a custom piece of art work to put over my mantle instead of the $299 price tag from Pottery Barn. (Which apparently was sold a few years ago and they didn't carry it this season even if I had wanted to fork over that much cash....which I wouldn't have.)
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  1. Just found this on Pinterest. I love it! I think you did a great job!!


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