Saturday, October 10, 2009 Review!

We'll I've been skeptical about the whole thing. Reason being, was that I read on some other blogs, this one in particular, that some people had had their credit cards unknowingly charged month after month for some membership that said they signed up for when they bought their certificate from Of course, these people didn't sign up for any "membership" they had only bought their restaurant certificate and they thought that was it.....wrong. So, after much hassling they did get the memberships stopped.

So, I started thinking I would really like these wonderful sounding certificates too but, was scared I would fall victim to their scam of saying that you signed up for some membership and have my credit card charged. Well then I thought.....if I used a prepaid credit card they wouldn't be able to do that because it is a set amount and after that amount is used then you can't get anymore. Ta...Dah!

I decided to buy when they had the certificates 90% off and got a $25 certificate for $1.

My husband and I went out for our "date" night last night and used our one for "The Bistro at Seville in Tulsa, OK ". It was for $25 off $35 minimum purchase + 18% gratuity and it excluded alcohol. We had:

Appetizer chokes & cheese $9
Entree #1 Pasta Yaya $14.50
Entree #2 Bistro Filet) $28.95
Drinks (Diet Coke) $?
Two beers $?

18% Gratuity $11-ish

And our grand total was around $76

So, we ended up paying $51.

Expensive still! But, we got to try a new restaurant which won't be one of my faves but, was nice to go to and we might go back again. So, point being it was really easy to use the certificate. All I did was when it got close to time for our waitress to get our check I told her that we had a certificate and then handed it to her. I was a little worried that they would kind of be a little "snotty" about me handing over this computer printed whole page that is your "gift certificate" which I really call it a coupon because it really seems more like a coupon rather than a gift certificate because of all the stipulations. Nice though because how many time have you went into a restaurant and given them a piece of paper that I technically only paid $1 for and get $25 off the top of your check. Overall, I had a nice time using my certificate.

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