Thursday, December 10, 2009

Get a Free Call From The North Pole!

Get a free call from the North Pole from

Make this holiday special for any child with a merry phone call from Santa!  For Free!

There are three different options to choose from for Santa's message.  There is even one that says, "I've heard you have been trying to be good, but sometimes you get into a little trouble. Just try your hardest to do what is right so I can bring you something very special for Christmas."  That's hilarious!

We will be placing our call for TONIGHT!

Update:  We got our Santa call this evening and I didn't realize that the call would be coming immediately, like in 30 seconds after you press enter after you have chosen the message you want played.  

My daughter was kind of shocked because we hadn't prepared her for the call.  So, I would suggest talking to your child before you place the call so they will be expecting it.  It is a recording so, it only plays once and then it over (limit 1 call).  I know this probably sounds like common, I guess I don't have any:)  I hope your child enjoys their own Santa phone call.


  1. Some of these Santa Call companies have a real live person pretending to be Santa. You fill in an online form with details such as your child's favourite color, etc. I think those are way better than an automated recording.

  2. I completely agree. A real live person would be much better, but I couldn't find one in our area that did the Santa call for free except, for the automated one. If you know some free companies that would do that please, let me know I would love to post that too!


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