Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Walgreens: January Coupon Booklet

The new Walgreens January Coupon Booklet is available in stores now! These coupons are valid 12/27 through 1/30, and they’re Walgreens store coupons, so they can be stacked with manufacturer’s coupons.

$2/1 Walgreens Super Probiotic (30-ct.) or Fiber and Probiotic 1 B (120-ct.)
$1/1 Walgreens Daily Fiber & Probiotic (28-ct.)
$5/1 Colonaide (14-pk.)
$3/1 Women’s One Multivitamin (50-ct.)
$2/1 Walgreens A-Z Cardio (60-ct.)
$3/1 Walgreens A-Z Select (220-ct.) or Multivitamins (250-ct.)
$2/1 Walgreens Calcium Soft Chews (60-ct.)
$3/1 Walgreens Energy Booster (36-ct.), One Daily Energy (18-ct.), calcium creamies (75-ct.) or Finest Natural Glucosamine
Chondroitin (30-ct.)
$3/1 Walgreens Gold Seal D Vitamin 1000mg (400-ct.)
$3/1 Posture-D Calcium 600mg (60-ct.)
$3/1 NeoCell Super Collagen+C (120-ct.)
$3/1 Enzymatic Acidophilus Pearls (30-ct.)
$5/1 Ferro-Sequels (100-ct.)
$3/1 Slow-Mag (60-ct.) or Slow-FE (60 or 90-ct.)
$2/1 Slow-Niacin 500 or 750mg (100-ct.)
$3/1 Bifera Iron Supplement (30-ct.)
$3/1 Blaine MagOx 400 Supplements (60-ct.)
$3/1 Garlique (60-ct.)
$3/1 Liverite Liver Aid (60-ct. + 30 free)
$20/1 Focus Factor (60-ct.)
$2/1 Bausch & Lomb Ocuvite or PreserVision Eye Care (50 to 240-ct.)
$5/1 Remifemin Menopaus Tablets (120-ct.)
$10/1 Extenze (30-ct.)
$5/1 Libido-Max Liquid Gelcaps (75-ct.)
$2/1 Elations Cranberry Apple (6-ct.)
$1/1 Tums Dual Action (25 or 50-ct.)
$3/1 Cardiostat Omega-3 Fish Oil Softcaps (60-ct.)
$5/1 Ameal BP Capsules (60-ct.)
$5/1 Whole Body Cleanse Kit
$5/1 Evercleanse 3 Step Detoxifier System
$5/1 Finest Natural Glucosamine Chondroitin (180 or 240-ct.)
$3/1 Finest Natural Organics (30 or 60-ct.)
$3/1 Finest Natural Cranberry Chews (30-ct.)
$1/1 Off Sustenex 30 ct or Digestive Advantage (32-ct.)
$2/1 Phazyme (12-ct.), Tagamet (30-ct.) or Gaviscon (100-ct.)
$4/1 Benefiber Stick Pack (28-ct.), 48 to 62 Dose, or Chewable (100-ct.)
$2/1 Gas-X Chewables or Softgels (48 to 72-ct.)
$1/1 Sea Band Anti-Nausea Ginger Chewing Gum (24-ct.)
$3/1 Sominex Maximum Strength (16-ct.)
$3/1 Vivarin Caffeine Alertness Aid (40-ct.)
$2/1 Chaser Plus (40-ct.)
$5/1 Sinus Buster Nasal Spray (.68-oz.)
$3/1 Breathe Right Kids Nasal Strips (12-ct.)
$2/1 Coldcalm 60 ct or Oscillococcinum Natural Flu Relief (6-ct.)
$1/1 W Vitamin C or Organic Lip Balm (.15-oz.)
$1/1 Chap Aid Original or Cherry Lip Balm (3-pk.)
$2/1 Genteal Eye Care
$2/1 Similasan Eye or Ear Drops
$5/1 At Home 12 Panel Drug Test
$5/1 Omron Hip Pedometer
$10/1 Walgreens Nicotine Gum (160 or 170-ct.), Lozenges 2mg or 4mg (208-t.)
$5/1 Walgreens Nicotine Patch 7.14 or 21mg (14-ct.), Gum 2 or 4mg (100 or 10-pk.), Lozenges 2 or 4mg (72-ct.)
$0.50/1 Off Walgreens Nutritional Drink (6-ct.)
$1/1 One Touch Ultra Soft Lancets (100-pk.)
$30/1 One Touch Ultra 2 Kit
$35/1 One Touch UltraSmart Kit
$15/1 Walgreens Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor
$20/1 Walgreens By Homedics Automatic Wrist or Ultra Deluxe Blood Pressure monitor
$15/1 Walgreens Manual Inflate Blood Pressure Monitor
$5/1 Spectrum DHA Toddler Liquid (1.8-oz.)
$1/1 PediaSure (6-ct.)
$2/1 Humphreys Teething Strips (18-pk.) or Tablets (135-ct.)
$1/1 Little Tikes Baby Accessories
$1/1 Hyland’s Teething Tablets (125-ct.)
$5/1 Walgreens Certainty Underwear (28 to 40-ct.)
$3/1 RepHresh Pro-B (30-ct.) or Vaginal Gel (4-pk.)
$3/1 Schick Quattro Cartridges (8-ct.)
$3/2 Bic Razors Comfort or Soleil (3 or 4-pk.)
$10/1 Norelco Razor 7310, 6940LC or HS8420
$1/1 Men’s Zone 6 Blade Razor System or Cartridges (4-pk.)
$5/1 Wahl Grooming Lithium Ion All In One, Groomsman Trimmer or 14-Pc. styling Kit
$2/1 HerbaShine Hair Color
$3/1 L’Oreal Preference or Couleur Experte Hair Color
$5/1 LiceFree! Lice Treatment (2-ct.)
$10/1 Rogaine 3 pack 2% for women or 5% for men
$3/1 Revlon Age Defyling Foundation (1-oz.) or Concealer (.04-oz.)
$3/1 Revlon Cream Gloss (.04-oz.)
$2/1 W Skin Oil Treatment (4.2-oz.)
$10/1 Aquafresh White Trays (14-pk.)
$1/1 Diabeti-Derm Foot Rejuvenating Cream (4-oz.) or Multi-Betic Vitamins (60-ct.)
$0.50/1 Dentemp One Step Filling Mix or Recapit Cement 1gm
$3/1 Biotene Toothpaste (4.5-oz.), Mouthwash (16-oz.), Mouth Spray (1.5-z.) or Oral Balance Dry Mouth Moisturizer (1.5-oz.)
$2/1 Rayovac Hearing Aid Battery 10, 13, 312 or 675 (8-pk.)
$1/1 Russsell Stover Chocolate (11.5 or 12-oz.)
$1/2 Life Savers (6.25 to 7.7-oz.)
$1/2 Reese’s or Hershey’s Pieces (10 or 10.5-oz.)
$1/2 Planters Trail Mix (6-oz.)
$1/2 Cadbury, Hershey’s or Kit Kat Chocolate (2.5 to 4.5-oz.)
$1/2 Lindt Lindor Truffles (5.1-oz.)
$1/2 Hershey’s or Reese’s Sugar Free Candy (3-oz.)
$1/2 M&M’s Valentine’s Candy (12.6-oz.)
$1/2 Hershey’s or Reese’s Valentine’s Candy (8 or 8.5-oz.)
$5/1 Sandisk 4GB SDHC Card
$2/1 W Photo 35mm Single-Use Camera with Flash 81 exp (3-pk.)

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