Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Join Recycle Bank & Kashless & Get Free Products/High Value Coupons!

Get a variety of high-value coupons just for signing up for a free account with RecycleBank. Here's how:

::Go here and click on the "Sign In or Get Started" button at the top of the RecycleBank page.

::Click on the "Register" option and fill out your information.

::Once you've signed up, go back to the homepage here and sign in. Your account should be credited with 100 points for signing up.

::Click on "Get Rewards" and scroll down to the "Grocery and Food" category in the left column and choose which coupons you would like to request via mail.

If your area is participating in the RecycleBank program, you can earn points towards more rewards by recycling. Check out more details here.

Update: Kashless has a monthly limit of 300 rewards points per user. So you can now only get your 300 points per month, still not a bad deal.
Plus, you can get an additional 300 free points added to your account every week. Here's how:

::Sign up for an account with Kashless here (a free classified ad service).

::Then click on "Rewards" at the top and link to your Kashless account.

:: It will ask for your password for your Recycle Bank account so, it can link the two (they partner with each other).

::Click on "Saved Searches" and start saving searches.

::For every search you save, you'll get 10 extra points added to your RecycleBank account. You should be able to earn around 300 points in less than 15 minutes.

::Your points will show up in your account within a few days and you can redeem them for all sorts of wonderful things like free magazine subscriptions, coupons for free products, high-value coupons, and more.

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