Monday, January 25, 2010

Pink Poodle Party For a Little Girl!

I love parties and all the decorating that goes with them, but it does get time consuming locating all the unique pieces I like to incorpate into the party itself.  Go over here and check out this pink poodle party from Pink, Green, & Southern.  She has so many frugal ideas for throwing a party.  This frugal idea is my favorite:
She ordered a plain pink two tier cake from the grocery store then added her own ribbon and feather embellishments and a mirrored “K” embellished with rhinestone polka dots.

I've been known to go way over board with the cake budget, but this really is cute and one that I would do.


  1. That cake is too cute!! Whos cake was that?

  2. Thank you for mentioning me here too! You are the greatest!


I promise to reply.

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