Tuesday, February 16, 2010

HOT: 6 Free Custom Photo Coasters !

If you missed out on the Free Dog Leash offer, than I have a great new freebie available! Right now you can get 6 FREE custom Photo Coasters shipped to your house, totally free, if you are new Snapfish customer! Plus, you can also get 50 prints shipped along with this for just $3.44!

Here is how:

* Go here and create your account. (Follow this link) Note- it will say free cards, it will still add your coasters too!

* You will get a credit for free coasters and free cards in your account. (check in the upper right hand corner for what is crediting)

* Go to the store area and search for coasters.

* Upload 6 photos and make your coasters.

* Add coasters to cart.

* You should see the $24.99 credit.

* Then you will want to add your payment method. (you cannot use Paypal, Paypal doesn’t go through for zero.)

*Use code PRESDAY at checkout.

If you decide to take advantage of the 50 free prints, it is just $3.44 for the prints and the coasters shipped!

Your cart should look like this:
DO NOT wait!  I waited on the dog leash and they sold out before I got mine.  Also, my coaster credit did not show up in my account so I clicked on the live chat asked, "why" and they credit my account right then.  Easy peazee!

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