Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Qualify for a Diaper Study & Get FREE Diapers!

Arquest manufactures store brand diapers and arranges different diaper studies on a regular basis. If you qualify for one of these studies, you can snag FREE diapers and get paid for your participation!

As of now, they’re currently looking for boys or girls wearing size 4 diapers. To see if you qualify for one of the studies, you’ll need to call 1-888-342-7372 ext. 646 (girl’s diapers) or 1-888-342-7372 ext. 634 (boy’s diapers).

If you do in fact qualify, the company will send you between 1-6 bags of FREE diapers! Plus, after completing a survey (based on your experience with the particular diapers) you’ll receive a $10 check!


  1. Hi! I didn't see an email for ya... so...I got the cupcake box at my local craft store (Michael's) and the ribbon is from there (last year I think)

    Kim @
    party inspiration

  2. the study sounds awesome, wish i could do it but my son wears a size 5. Thanks for sharing.



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