Friday, June 25, 2010

Milestone Sucker Arrangement!

My sister shares her birthday with my darling daughter. So, since we are having my daughter's party this weekend I couldn't resist making this for my sister's BIG 40!

If you have a cricut this will be a lot less time consuming than it was for me. But, if you don't then you can do it like I did.  I used Word, found a font I liked, printed it out the phrase, cut the letters out, traced them on black card stock. Bought a small piece of Styrofoam at Michael's (using 40% off coupon) put it in the bottom of the container, spray painted some skewers black and then stick all of it together. It took a lot more suckers than I thought. So a word of advice, if you want to do this find a really small container. My arrangement took three bags. Good thing she will be at a party full of four year olds....he.he.he!

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