Wednesday, November 3, 2010

My Get Together: Pillsbury Crescents "Holiday Entertaining" Recipe Swap Party

If you haven't joined General Mills Psst and My Get Together, it is something you might want to consider!  I was chosen to host a Hamburger Helper party and now also was chosen to host the Pillsbury Crescents Holiday Entertaining Party. This is what showed up on my door step.  This is almost the same as hosting a House Party like the one's I've been chosen to do in the past that I LOVE.
My kit includes:

* Pillsbury Crescents recipes to share with guest
* 5 coupons for FREE Pillsbury 8 oz. Crescents Cans to purchase Original Crescents or Crescents       
* Recipe Creations for recipes
* A $20 gift card to purchase recipe ingredients
* A handy shopping list of recipe ingredients
* 30 product information sheets with coupon (coupons are for 75¢/1 and Homeland has them on sale this week for $1.69 making them 19¢ after your doubled coupon). Whoo Hoo!
* Allergen fact sheet
* Tabletop signs to display near each suggested recipe
* 60 recipe cards (15 or each recipe) to share with your guests
* A special oven mitt to give to a guest, perhaps a door prize
* A sheet pan and metal turner just in time for your holiday baking

You can join General Mills Psst HERE and you'll be contacted when there are  hosting opportunities. I highly recommend signing up for all of the parties this way there are more chances of you getting a party.

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