Sunday, January 2, 2011

Homemade Casserole Dish Carrier!

I made this homemade casserole carrier for my niece for Christmas. Unfortunately, it didn't get done until yesterday. But thank goodness she didn't mind that it was late.  I really enjoyed making this and it is far from perfect but with my mom's help translating the pattern instructions found at Two Little Hooligans. I was finally able to finish.  I think that a experienced sewer would understand the instructions fine but since I've made like two things in my life (in high school Home Economics class) I needed help from the pro. 

My newlywed niece recently moved into her own house and I thought she would enjoy having this.  This would also be great to give at a Wedding Shower.  Materials cost me around $15.00 using coupons of course.


  1. Really cute! I would love to get that as a gift! :)

  2. Thanks for the comment Katie. My niece is really appreciative so I don't mind spending time and making things for her. Love your blog, and all the crafty things you do.

  3. wow, what a lucky niece!it looks great and that fabric is adorable. where did you get it? thanks for sharing, i love to see what other people make following my tutorials. now, i just need to make myself one:) have a happy new year! cute blog by the way.


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