Monday, May 9, 2011

$30 Credit to Shutterfly From Photoworks

I loved, loved, loved Photoworks photobooks.  By far they were the best quality of all the photobooks I have tried.  The other company beside Photoworks I have tried was Picaboo.  I did like them but the quality of printed photos was alot better from Photoworks. 

Well apparently Photoworks is now being combined with Shutterfly and I'm crossing my fingers that they are the same quality as the Photoworks photobooks were.  I had an account with Photoworks because of the Free photobooks that were given away in 2009 from the Bonnie Hunt show. For your troubles Photoworks has sent an email to your account for you to transfer your photos now to Shutterfly and are giving you a $30 gift certificate to use at Shutterfly.  Shutterfly is also promoting on their site free shipping on $30 or more code: SHIP30.  Here is my order that I spent just $2.43. This transfer was supposed to be done by May 2nd but I called and they gave me a link to still be able to do the deal.

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