Friday, February 24, 2012

Review: Mommy Hook

I love when I find a gadget that actually makes life easier! I received this Mommy Hook to review and I am so glad that I did. I almost bought this a couple of weeks ago at Babies R Us and decided that I didn't need it. Boy, was I wrong. This is a must have. Don't get me wrong this isn't a Mommy gadget but an anyone gadget. I love it.

I hate making multiple trips out to the car to carry in all the groceries...well problem solved with the Mommy hook. They say a picture is worth a thousand words and it really is. Look at this picture of me carrying all those bags in at once.
I usually can only carry in a few at once because I'm afraid one will slip out and the whole bag will drop and everything will break.  But not with this. The padded handle makes it easy to carry alot of weight on it and it allows you to have a firm grip. I now wonder what did I do before this. I only wish I had had it when I lived upstairs in an apartment because I REALLY hated making multiple trips up and down those stairs for the groceries. This hook is also designed to fit on any brand of stroller so you can attach bags while you are shopping or to your purse to make shopping easier. I always hate having to stuff things down in the bin below because it is so hard to get back out. I strongly recommend you go and buy one or more of these even if you don't have a stroller or baby. I think it is fantastic that it can function for more than just one reason. Love it!

The Mommy Hook is sold in over 20 countries.  Click here to buy one for yourself.

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