Friday, October 19, 2012

Beer Cake

Beer Cake Tutorial
My friend turned 40 and I thought this was a cute idea for an out of the box kind of cake. I found several of these on Pinterest but loved the idea of the cupcake on the top with the beer candle. I found the candle at Partyco. I searched high and low for just the right sized cardboard cake rounds but ended up using the box my new fireplace screen came in with some bowls out of the cabinets for the circles. I also painted the cardboard circles with some gray craft paint and a foam brush just so it would look more put together. I used a drinking glass for the top tier that holds the cupcake. I wanted "Happy Birthday" ribbon but could not find any ANYWHERE. My friend loved it.

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  1. This is so creative! I love the idea. What a great gift that is super functional and ideal, too. I'm definitely going to have to do something like this for my next friends birthday. My last friend who turned 50, we bought him 50 beers, but just delivered them in the boxes they came birthday, I'll build the beer cupcake/cake tier. LOVE IT!


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