Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Chirstmas In the Virgin Islands

virgin island bluff view

Christmas was a little different this year. We we went to the Virgin Islands. Here is what it looked like from the road above going down to our resort. Down below to the left where the beach is is where the resort was. Our room was right on the water with ocean views and the beach right outside. So nice when you have kids. 

virgin island beach picture
 The girls enjoying the ocean.  Payton's favorite part was that she got to wear summer clothes!

baby feeling sand on her feet

Emmy didn't really like the sand on her feet.

baby relaxing on beach

 After she brushed it off she relaxed.

beer drinking pigs

There wasn't a lot of touristy things to do on the island....but there were the beer drinking pigs. I was desperate. We were there 8 days and there is just so many days you can lay on the beach, so I thought what was there to lose? Here is Payton buying the "non-alcholic beer" for the pigs to drink. She thought she was big time.

virgin island hog drinking beer

Here is my husband posing for the picture, not realizing the pig was about to snatch the beer from his hand.

action photo of hog drinking beer

T.J. and the baby were not quite expecting the beer to spew.  The baby loved it!  She laughed and laughed.

pig drinking beer

The pig guzzling the beer. He did it in about 3 seconds....literally.

hog squirting beer out

When he is all finished he spits it out!  Crazy!

kids looking curious at hog

Payton was too scared to give the pigs the beer so my husband lifted her up to see him in his pen.

close up of hog snot

Here is T.J. trying to touch the pig's snout.  Did you see how big that thing was?  He is crazy!

scenic view of ocean

Payton enjoying the water.

little girl in christmas hat and dress

Emmy in her Santa hat on Christmas day.

 kids in hammock

Sisterly love.  They loved this hammock.  It was just below our room.

man wearing christmas hat on beach

Santa hats for everyone on Christmas.

virgin islands

Payton in hers.

toddler next to tree

We did Christmas before we left at home.  Emmy loved the tree.

toddler sitting next to christmas tree

Milk and cookies.

twas the night before christmas photo

I tried to get a good picture of the girls reading "The Night Before Christmas" but Emmy was not having it.

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