Saturday, March 2, 2013

Batman Party Inspiration

I'm helping with a batman party.  Here is the inspiration.  I HOPE to have all of this at the party.

This is for you Heather.....let me know if you like it.
batman birthday party inspiration

From left to right:
Batwiches  - Easy sandwiches cut with batman cookie cutter you can buy on Ebay.
Cheetos cones   - Easy way to hold chips.  Print off comic book pages online if you don't have any.
Hot dogs with comic holders  - Again print off comic book pages and hand fold the corners.
Joker Juice - Afix batman sign to punch with paper or vinyl.  I'll probably use vinyl since the paper bleeds if it gets moisture on it.
Pop - Print off POP paper and wrap around cans. Easy way to jazz up regular o'l cans.
Pow, Bam, Wow, Banner
Gift Bags - Cheap bags you can buy at Michael's and afix batman logo too.  Great way to incorporate girls at the party too.
Birthday Boy shirt - You can freezer paper stencil this or use iron on vinyl with Silhouette cutter.
Mom shirt - You can freezer paper stencil this or use iron on vinyl with Silhouette cutter.

batman birthday party inspiration

Chocolate Suckers - Buy mold off of Ebay for statement piece on table. 
Birthday Cake Topper - Easy way to jazz up a store bought plain cake.
Bat Streamer - Cute, party city.
Pow Signs - Have to have some comic words.
Batman Plates, cups, napkins - Easy, Walmart.
Gift Table with Batman balloon - Love to have a gift table. You can buy the balloon at Partycity.  Kind of pricey I think but it makes a statement.
Water Bottle Labels - Hopefully will be able to recreate these with Gimp (a free editing program) or you can always buy them from
Banner - Will try and recreat using Silhouette.  But, I've never made one that elaborate before.
Party Favor (Water Bottle with Batman Logo)  - Made by me. Available in my Etsy shop.


  1. I too am wondering how you got them to stand up. I made a styrofoam board and put sticks in it, I left a small hole in the bottom so I could stick them on..I ended up kind of having to nuzzle them into the styrofoam a little!

    Is your mom a painter or do you think an amateur could paint something like this? My mom is kind of a painter, but I bet you could try and paint it!

    What kind of paint did she use? Im thinking craft paint… she kind of sponged some of it on…especially to make the square windows

    Did you use cardstock for the hot dog holders? yes, but the cheap kind from walmart…not too heavy

    Im glad you liked it! It was Very fun!!!

  2. Love the soda cans!!! Hands down to people who are so good at DIY's. I've never tried one myself, but I would love too in the future. When I have kids I'll probably do a lot of that for parties. Must be a lot of fun!


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