Thursday, March 14, 2013

Dog Birthday Pictures!

Dog Birthday Poster Engineer Print
I made this as a trial run for a bigger project that I'm doing for a birthday party.  It turned out great!  I was going to add a border around the edge but was too lazy to go back and have another one printed.  This was the first time I created a vector image (an image you can get really big or really small without losing quality) using Inkscape.  I thought that this silhouette of a Weimaraner really resembled the birthday dog.  I printed it at Staples using the engineer print and it cost only $3.59 and it's huge (24 x 36).  So, if you want something cheap but has big impact this is for you.  Just remember to use a vector image or it will look really pixelated and you will NOT like it.

Dog Birthday Card Homemade
Look at that adorable birthday card another party guest made.  I think that is a picture of their Weim and his paws on the card.   So cute! 

Dog Party Ideas
Can you believe I didn't get a good picture of the birthday girl?  But, I did snap this one of her with her new birthday bone!

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  1. Love the poster you made and the greeting card. Too cute!


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