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"Diary of a Wimpy Kid" Birthday Party

Diary of a wimpy kid cake

Diary of a wimpy kid homemade cake
I went to Walmart and had them make an 8 inch round plain cake.  I didn't want to stress over "making" the cake.  Now, I wish I had just made the cake. They didn't do any better of a job frosting it than I would have.  I think the baker was new.  But for $6.50 what more can you ask for? Well I could have asked for aleast the right flavor of cake it was supposed to be chocolate inside but instead was white. 

But anywho. I thought working with fondant was going to be easy.  Turns out not so much.  Well let me rephrase it is easy to work with if you know the right consistency/texture it is supposed to be.  The black fondant just wasn't working with me so on to plan b.  I had originally bought some sugar sheets I saw at Michael's but returned them because I thought it would be easier/cheaper to make my own fondant.  Not so much.  I went and rebought the sugar sheets.  I am a perfectionist so I didn't want to cut the sugar sheets with scissors.  I started looking at it and thought I could cut this with my Silhouette.  I started looking online and sure enough you can.  I had kept my old blade because I saw some where that you could resharpen it by cutting tin foil with it.  It worked and it made it sharp again.  I used this blade (my now food cutting blade) to cut the sugar sheet.  I used the setting for regular cardstock and it worked like a charm.  Just be sure and not to do a double cut.  It never seems to make the exact same cut.  I made my own design using my Silhouette with an image of "Greg Heffley" I found online and used one of the pre-installed scallop border for the border.  This lovely lady tried to help me with the graphics she used but at the time I didn't know how to convert an svg file and make my Silhouette recognize it. 

So for a cost break down of the cake:

$6.50 for the cake
$4.00 for the fondant (makes way more than you will need)! Letters around the cake
$2.50 for the Greg cut out on top
$2.50 for the scalloped border
Total: $15.50

I could have used the sugar sheets for letters that went on top of the cake but I wanted something that had some dimension and stood up.  The sugar sheets are really flat which worked really well for the border and the Greg figure.

Cheese touch cupcakes
Here are store bought cupcakes (Walmart to be exact) $6.00 for a dozen.  I made marshmallow fondant and made cheese toppers.  They turned out great!

Diary of a wily kid cake display
I wish I had gotten a better picture but here it is all set up at the party with the cupcakes surrounding it.

Diary of a wimpy kid banner
Zoo Wee Mama pennant banner made with Silhouette.  I feel like this is a sponsor for Silhouette with as many times I am going to be mentioning it but it isn't I just really use it a ton for parties.

Diary of a wimpy favors
Here is what was in their goodie bags.  A full size "diary".  These were on sale at Walmart for 50¢ each.  I then used this premade label personalized it, resized it to fit my notebook, and printed it out on full sized label paper.  Dollar Tree had pop rocks 3/$1 so one of those went into each bag. I absolutely loved the Rodrick Rule snickers bag that I simply printed out on cardstock.  I bought the snickers for the Rodick Rule at Dollar Tree 6 fun size/$1 but I looked at Walmart after I bought these and they had them cheaper. Keeping with the same Dollar Tree theme I bought a box of pencils.  You can't see it some how I forgot to untuck it from under the Snickers is an "Oh no! You now have the cheese touch I made out of cardstock on the Silhouette.  Michael's had their scrapbook sale so the paper was 20¢ a sheet.  I used for 4 sheets since that was how many I could fit on mine but if you have a cameo you could fit more. The popcorn bags held all the small suff and were 10/$1 at Dollar Tree.

Diary of a wimpy kid party inspiration
Here is my beverage bin all vinyled up. 
I think this is my most used party item.  I bought this at Target years ago and then went back and bought the stand that went with it. So glad I did.  It is so simple to personalize.  Since I'm no longer afraid of vinyl (no idea why I was to begin with, it is so simple to use) I cut out whatever the theme is and attach it right to the bin.  When the party is over :( I just simply peel it off.

Personalized wimpy kid water
Of course you have to have personalized water bottles to go with the personalized water bin. I made this using my Silhouette. Use regular copy paper if you are going to laminate them, by laminating them I mean encasing them in packaging tape. If you won't be putting them in a bin of water then you can use cardstock which holds up better if they aren't laminated.  If they are laminated the cardstock is just to stiff and your label will want to untape itself after you apply them to the bottles.

Pin the Booger on Game
Here is the "Pin the Booger on" game.  All it is a poster I bought on Ebay for $7.99 and for the boogers we used some cut up frogs that were sticky that we used for a previous party favor (you can get them at Target in the favor section).

Game ideas
All the boogers "pinned" on.  We just wrote on the poster the child's name or initals to keep track of who's boogers were who's.

photo props
Here are some of the kids posing with their character masks.

Diary of a wimpy kid photo props
I didn't know if the kids would know which character drawing was which so I put in vinyl the names on the back of the popsicle sticks.

birthday gift wrap
Personalized gift bag for the Birthday Boy.

diary of a wimpy kid party favor cup
Used my handy dandy Silhouette machine to cut out an image of Greg for a personalized cup for the birthday boy. It turned out really cute! 
party games
It was so hot so outside they went out for some water fun.

party activities
All kids love cotton candy! The birthday boy has this cotton candy maker on speed dial.....seriously!

diary of a wimpy kid cake
Birthday boy with his cake.

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  1. Absolutely wonderful party!!! My boys would have been ecstatic to attend! :)

    Terrific job,
    Cheryl @

  2. I'm grateful to have found your DOWK ideas! My son wants to do the booger poster. I've found it in one place online, but they don't use paypal or anything secure like that and I feel pretty uncomfortable giving my info to them. Could I by chance, if you're done using your poster, buy it from you?? :)

  3. How amazing kid’s birthday party ideas!! I love all these ideas and really can’t make decision which one to use for my twins birthday party. I will need a huge space for their party so I would look for some outdoor NYC venues If you have any recommendations then please share.

  4. Hi! I am wanting to make the Diary of a Wimpy Kid Journal Cover, personalized for kids. Where did you get that template? Thank you


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