Thursday, November 14, 2013

Cheap Christmas Present From Rue La La

 I love early Christmas shopping especially when it's cheap & I don't have to even leave the house. Whoo Hoo.  I was on another site and someone mentioned that they had credits in their Rue La La account.  I thought what the heck I will sign into mine and see if I had any.  I forgot I had even signed up.  Sure, enough I had $30!!! What the heck?  Apparently, they deposit credits from time to time into your account to entice you to come back.  This is what had happened.  But, if you have friends that sign up using your referral link you get $10 for their first order!  Go ahead sign up!

Using my $30 I bought this adorable "Dalmatian Vet Kit" for only $4.85 after my credit.  I'm sure I could have found something cheaper and been out $0 but I thought this was cute and would make for a cute present under the tree.

Happy Shopping.  Again here is THE LINK if you want to sign up! Go get your free money too!

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