Saturday, April 26, 2014

Vintage Barbie Birthday Party

Vintage Barbie Party! My baby turned 3! My husband insisted on having her a Barbie party since she likes to play with them so much. Seriously though, what man decides on the birthday theme? Mine, apparently. LOL. I love that he joins in helping me throw all the parties I like to have. Here are some of the party details.
Vintage barbie utensil holder

Silhouette Barbie Plates

Barbie Personalized cups

Barbie Party Decoration Ideas

Barbie Party Goody Bags

Barbie Birthday Banner
It's my birthday, really???

Barbie Birthday Cake
Watching the candles get lit.


  1. Are the plates just a cut out placed on the plate?

  2. That is correct. I just placed a cut out on the top plate and took it off when we started serving.


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