Thursday, May 1, 2014

Dog Birthday Party Ideas!

Ginger, my dog, turned 4! Yes, we have some kind of party every year to celebrate her birth and the turmoil joy she brings into our lives. Is it over the top? Yes. Kind of. But, I've also been helping my friend throw her dog's birthday party which is a month before my dog's birthday and so that allows me to get two parties out of one effort. Poor Ginger didn't get a cake this year it was all about the humans but she did get a toy skunk for her present:)
We had scooby snacks on the top, puppy chow on the next level, and pup corn on the bottom level (which was filled with kettle corn....yummmy!) Toilet water was also served a.k.a. bottled water with water bottle wraps. 

 Hand stamped napkins.  Can't have a party without those!

And without further ado, the birthday girl herself, Ginger! Isn't she pretty. Poor thing, she's all beauty and no brains. Lol. But we love her and is the best kid dog Happy 4th birthday, Ginger.

Update 2015: I now sell the puppy chow labels as a digital download in my Etsy shop.


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