Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Teacher Appreciation Gift Idea for PE Teacher's

Teacher appreciation week is THIS week! I promised last year that I was also going to include the encore teachers but didn't realize I was going to be so busy.  But, I am some how managing to fit it in, usually at 10:00 at night when Payton reminds me:) Here is her present for her PE teacher.  I originally saw this idea here and adapted it for her PE teacher. I also made a download if anyone is interested minus the name.  You can just write that in.

Click below for file download:

I "SKOR" ED PE teacher appreciation tag


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  2. I love this and am looking to do the same for our AR March Madness party.

    Is there any way you could share the image without the third line?

    1. What would you like it to say? I'm at my computer and personalize it for you if you'd like. Also, be sure to leave your email address.


    2. Oh great! Just the "I SKOR'ED BIG" would be great.


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