Friday, May 9, 2014

Teacher Appreciation Week ~ Pop

Teacher Appreciation Week! Today was a freebie day.  You are encouraged to bring your teacher anything you want.  Our PTO gives the teacher a survey at the beginning of the year about things they like and this was the first year I've looked at them. I'm glad I did since I was going to send in a Starbuck's gift card. I looked at our teacher's survey and her drink of choice is pop. Diet coke to be exact. So I changed the gift to a pack of diet cokes with a note that states, "I am soda-delighted that you are my teacher." I've seriously been making the gifts the morning of and I really didn't want to recreate this label that originally came from {Tammy Michell Designs}. But it didn't make since to say I'm soda-delighted that you were my teacher since it is for teacher appreciation week and not for the end of school gift. So, off to the computer I went and changed it to say are instead of were.

And it just so happens that I made it the perfect size to fit into the plastic carrying handle:)

Click below to download:

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