Thursday, July 28, 2016

Water Park Birthday Party!

River Country Water Park in Muskogee
This year we had my oldest daughter's 10th birthday at River Country Water Park in Muskogee. It is becoming more and more challenging coming up with a location for our birthday parties. We've decided since the move to Texas we'd have a family party in Oklahoma so everyone can attend.

One of the positives of having it at the water park means virtually no clean up, but I would not recommend paying the price they have for their birthday packages since they do nothing! I actually had to ask them to have people move from the area we paid to have reserved. Which they ended up not doing and the people still stayed. So DO NOT PAY for their private pavilion. Just have someone go and hold the area. But, what more can you ask for when it's run by a bunch of teenagers and the adult managers sit inside under air conditioning and never bother coming out?

Bottom line it was nice having it where all the kids could have fun and clean up was easy. And as a side note their hamburgers from the concession were really good. But beware no water or any other kind of drink is allowed in at the gate and the water pitchers that you pay for is tap water....and it tastes like it! I know it sounds like I'm being a diva but really tap water is so yucky!

For the party favors I made personalized tumblers with each guest's name. This made it really easy to figure out who's cup was who's.  And I packaged a small sunscreen and sunglasses. The kid's loved it.

Here's the birthday girl with her cake before we got ready to go to the water park. She is getting so big!

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