Friday, September 16, 2016

MISSION Athletecare’s EnduraCool towel

exercise accessories

Fitness is very important to my oldest daughter. She just asked for a Fitbit on her birthday. So, naturally when I was asked to review the MISSION Athletecare’s EnduraCool towel she wanted to try it out on her "workout" LOL. She pretty much does stretches and when she starts to sweats calls it quits. But she does love to look the part:)

I'm a little more realistic and tried it out at the pool. I'm usually pool side fully dressed watching my two girls swim which can get pretty hot here in Texas. I dropped it around my neck to take the edge off. It's become my next best friend. I also really like the fun, funky colors they come in. Thank you MISSION Athletecare for letting me review the new EduraCool towel.

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