Saturday, October 31, 2009

Witch's Brew Halloween Punch!

I've never used dry ice before and so this was really fun (even for an adult).  For the punch I mixed together a tub of lime sherbet and a 2 liter of sprite on top of a big chunk of dry ice and the smoke began.  Doesn't it look cool!  I was surprised at how many people haven't seen dry ice in punch before.

By the way I got the dry ice at my local grocery store they sell it up front in a cooler.  Please read all the safety and handling precautions it can be dangerous.  Use common sense!
Update 2013:
I've been getting a lot of traffic because of my little o'l Halloween Punch....who knew.  Baffles me at what this blog gets the most traffic from.  I love this Witch's Brew that I originally saw done in 1st grade at our school Halloween party and was A.MAZ.ED! I know. I know. It doesn't take much but I was only 6. Give me a break!
I did this again last year at a friend's Halloween party but they were a little more cautious and were afraid to just put the whole chunk in there even though when I did it before it just sunk to the bottom of the bowl. YOU ARE NOT TO TOUCH THE DRY ICE WITH BARE HANDS OR DRINK AND PART OF IT! I also did not let the kids serve their selves just to be sure they didn't touch it or get any.  All of my dry ice did stay in tact and did not break apart.  If I remember correctly. Any ways.  Long story short I agreed we should take some extra precautions.  I wrapped the dry ice in a piece of cheese cloth and tied it with a strip of the cloth for the tie.  This way you can make sure if the dry ice breaks apart none will get in the drinks.  YOU CAN'T INGEST IT AT ALL! If the smoke starts to die down then add more sprite. The warmth of the pop will make the smoke start again and bubble.


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