Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Sandwich Revolution Party!

I was chosen again!!!! Can you believe it this is my third party?  So far I've hosted a Splenda party, Digiorno Party, and now a Sandwich Revolution party.  These parties are awesome.  Believe me they send out major goodies.  If you haven't gotten selected yet, KEEP TRYING! 

If you are new to this program, it is a fun and exciting opportunity for you to receive free products while throwing a party. The company sends you your party kit plus freebies for yourself and all you have to do is invite your friends and party, party, party while following their party guidelines. Click here to join!

Here is what is included for the sandwich revolution party:

* $20 of Sandwich Rolls for you
* Cutting Board
* $1 Off coupons for your guests
* 15 Reusable Bags
* 15 Grocery List Pads
* Recipe Cards for your guests
* Nutrition Guides for your guests

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