Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Walmart: Deal Pic for the Week of 1/31

1 Gallon of Milk
Used: Coupon for Free w/$100 of Grocery Purchase
(Obviously, I didn't picture everything I bought, but my Walmart is pretty lenient and let me have other things besides groceries for my total to equal $100.

There is also a coupon now for a free 1/2 gallon of chocolate milk with purchase of 1 gallon of milk.

1 Package of Double Stuffed Oreos
Used: Coupon for becoming an Oreo Facebook Fan.
This is in celebration of the Manning’s winning the Battle of the DSLR against Donald Trump.
(deals over now)

Stacy's Pita Chips 
Used: Coupon I received in the mail for becoming a facebook fan (deals over now)

5 Knox Gelatine
Free + $2.72 in overage
Used: $4 off any one Knox product coupon from the 1/24RP
Ordered them off of Ebay before everyone realized the good deal they were. Paid $1.99 for 20.

Carrots = 49¢
(price matched Aldi's)

Avocado = 44¢
(was going to price match Aldi's, but Walmart had them for 44¢ vs 49¢

Broccoli = 89¢
(price matched Aldi's) Walmart's price was $2.28

Renu Contact Solution
Free + 53¢ overage
Used: $2/1 ReNu Fresh Lens Comfort or Sensitive Eyes printable

2 Right Guard Deodorant
Used: (2) $2/1 Coupon from Recycle Bank (submitted points for the deodorants)
Paid: $1.32

Clothes Clearance! 
$1.00 - $3.00

$3.00/Each for the dresses (These clothes really are cuter in person).  I saw this same dress on Pink, Green, and Southern and had to have it. You really should check out her blog she has some wonderful ideas. The black velvet dress is so cute with the monogram Pink, Green, & Southern put on it.  I will for sure be doing this for next season.  We couldn't decide which one was cuter red or black so we bought both.  I thought for $3.00 each which ever one I don't like I will put in our garage sale we have annually..

I told you it was cute!  Here is the picture of the one from Pink, Green, & Southern. Obviously, my white balance is off on my camera.  Mine looks grey vs her black.

$3.00 for a cute summer dress.  $3.00 thermals for the ski trip we will be taking they might be too big this year and if they are they will work for next year.  I love buying in advance then I don't stress over buying a lot at once when the season changes.
$1.00 play t-shirt

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  1. Awww! Thank you for mentioning me. It means so much to me that you like what I did. I love a good deal and tickled pink that you found the dress for $3!!!!

    P.S. your blog is great!


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