Sunday, March 28, 2010

Homeland Deal Picture!

24 Farmland sausage links
Used $1/2 (doubled for $1.00 off each)
Final cost 49¢/each

24 Juicy Juice
Used $1/2 (spring flyer located at the door)
Final cost 79¢/each

Hormel Pork
$2.25 - $3.50
Used $1/2 coupon from the 3/14 SmartSource insert
Final cost 25¢ - $1.00

Delmonte Jar Fruit
Used BOGO & $1/2 from VocalPoint
Final cost $1.49/each

Homeland had Farmland sausage links on sale for 99¢/each when I ordered my coupons but I waited too long because I drive to another town to do my Homeland shopping and they went up to $1.49 so I still only paid 49¢/each for the Farmland sausage....not too bad. Juicy Juice was on sale BOGO (which really means they ring up 50% off) they were $1.79 minus coupon $1.00/2 (spring flyer at the door) I paid 79¢/each.  I was really proud of all my juice, that is the cheapest I have ever bought Juicy Juice.  I usually pay $1.00/each. The Delmonte jar fruit was regular price $4.99 minus the two coupons (vocalpoint) bogo free and $1.00 coupon making them $1.49/each.  I didn't get to stock up on the pork as much as I would have liked because I misplaced my coupons but my freezer is so full now I don't think I would have any place for it anyhow.  But, I did pick up a 8 or 9 packs all under $3.00 which really makes them under a $1.00/each after coupons.  Whoo Hooo!  My daughter loves me because her two favorite things are sausage and juice!

Total for the sausage and juice if regular price:
Savings minus coupons and sale:
Total OOP:

I drive to Muskogee to do my Homeland shopping because the cashiers are always so nice and the only Homeland in Tulsa I feel like has coupon Nazi's.  Oh, and because my lovely Mother lives there too and always helps me get all my shopping done in one day.  Thanks Mom :)

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