Monday, June 7, 2010

Garage Sale Finds!

I love summer time and getting to go to garage sales.  My husband hates them because I always find something I think I need. 

Garage sales are so much cheaper than thrift stores and I usually find better things garage sailing.

Below are some of my recent finds.
I've been wanting to try and recover a baby seat for quite some time but needed an old one "cheap" to take apart for the pattern.  Cheap enough $10.00 for the carrier and the base.
Silver coffee pot to use for my niece's shower I will be hosting in late August.  It's really pretty once I got it all cleaned up.  It was a mere $5.00

I had to have this when I saw it was only a $1.  Right now it is primed and ready to be painted and distressed at my mom's house.  Can't wait till it's finished.  My daughter loves it.

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