Monday, January 10, 2011

Review: Baby On Board Apparel

Happy and Healthy Mom had me review the leah tunic from Baby on Board Apparel and let me tell you I am so happy they did.  This shirt is super flattering with its super comfy material that is form fitting but not to tight.  My only complaint is that it is a little long but I am only 5'2 and just today 6 months pregnant so I'm sure that I will be just fine with the length the further along I become.  Since it is so long it would be great to wear with leggings.  I also like that you can dress this shirt up or down.  I easily could wear it out to dinner with my husband or lounge around the house in it.

Click here to find a shirt all your own.  I saw some other great looking pieces I would love to have namely this one.  I do like having shirts that your not having to constantly to pull down every time you stand up or move around and these shirts I assure you will do that job.  Thanks BOBA for the wonderful shirt I will be able to wear throughout my pregnancy and while nursing.

UPDATE: I loved this shirt while I was pregnant and I wore it all the time.  It did shrink some or I got fatter (well both probably:).  But I continued to wear it while nursing, which happened to turn out to be two years. I know that is a little long for most but it worked for me and my baby. I loved this shirt while I nursed because it isn't one of those that had that strange material inside when you pull it down.  It just is a basic criss cross that is easily pulled down to nurse. Also, I'm one of those weird people that still wear some of my maternity clothes because honestly you can't tell it is maternity/nursing shirt.  Still so cute!

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