Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Homemade Popcorn Valentine!

Printable Popcorn Valentine Tag

homemade popcorn valentine
I found these vintage Valentine images here and thought this was too cute not to do.  My husband isn't a big sweet eater but loves popcorn.  Here's how I made his Valentine.

I'm going to pop you a corny question valentine

1. Open the popcorn Valentine up in Microsoft Word and added a blue beveled border.
2. Print out on cardstock
3. Cut around border.
4. Affix using double sided tape to regular bag of individually wrapped popcorn.
5. Last I wrapped it up using a left over ribbon from Christmas
6. Ta-Da, an easy homemade Valentine that he will think is corny (like everything else I do).

Update: 2014  This post was so popular I searched back through my files and found it and am now offering it to you as a printable!

Click below to download:
Popcorn Valentine Tag

corny popcorn valentine


  1. Totally adorable! What a great idea.

    Thanks for including the link to my Vintage Holiday Crafts site. :-)

  2. This is too cute! With the new year and everyone dieting or at least trying to maintain I think this is a very cute idea. I am sure he will love it.

  3. What kind of paper do you print on


I promise to reply.

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