Saturday, January 22, 2011

Strawberry Crush Pop Valentine for My Baby Crush!

Aren't these Crush Pop labels for Valentine's Day the cutest things ever?  Since I had the hubs taken care of  I knew I better get the little one's Valentine done.  She loves pop but I limit her intake.  Since I do that she ALWAYS wants it.  So what better present for her then pop.  I saw these over at 2 Clever blog last year and bookmarked them for this year.  These are easy peasy.

1. Click here and print your graphic on cardstock. (I did mine a little different than the ladies on 2 Clever.)
2. Mine weren't printing out right so I dropped the graphic in Microsoft word and scaled it to 2.5" and used my circle punch to cut it out.
3. Use hole punch to make your hole at the top
4. Thread white string or pink/red baker's twine from Martha Stewart line (found at Michael's) through hole and tie on your Strawberry crush. I wanted to use the baker's twine like the girls at 2 Clever but couldn't find any locally and didn't want to have to order it.
5. Since the individual bottles come in a six pack you will have more than plenty. That is if you have more than one crush.

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