Saturday, February 19, 2011

Valentine's Day 2011 ~ Fruit Baskets, Heart Shaped Brownies, Pineapple, & Udaman Candy Bar

Here is my post for Valentine's Day......late.  I gave fruit baskets using these labels, pineapple (using these labels), homemade brownies (using this printable bag), and a Udaman candy bar (using this template).

Here are all the Valentine's waiting to be delivered.

Heart shaped brownies.

Cost breakdown for the brownies:
2 Brownie Mixes: 1.50 x 2 = $3.00
Total: 60¢/each

Fruit baskets for a healthier option.

Cost Breakdown for the fruit baskets:
Bananas: $1.14
Pears: $1.62
Apples: $3.29
Cellophane: $2.25
Baskets: $3.00 (From the Dollar Store)
Ribbon: 85¢ (From Hobby Lobby 50% off)
Total $3.90/each

Udaman chocolate bar for the mister.
Wrapped pineapple for a picky Valentine.

Cost breakdown:
Pineapple 99¢ (price matched Aldi's at Walmart)
Cellophane: 75¢
Ribbon: 14¢
Total: $1.74

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