Wednesday, February 15, 2012

"Owl" always be your friend - Valentine's

Pencil owl valentines
I used this template from Smitten Blog Designs and tweaked it a little bit.  I download it to my computer, then opened it up in Gimp (a free editing program, like Photoshop) enhanced the colors a little bit and erased the wording and redid it so it would look all after I typed in the names.
I also had my Silhouette do the cutting for me.  I tried to do the slits where the pencil goes with my exacto knife but I like for it to look perfect and I just wasn't achieving that so, through the machine they went. 
Then we finished it off with a pencil.  It would have looked cuter with a Valentine's Day decorated pencil but me being the procrastinator I am we had to settle for the regular'O yellow #2 pencils.

These turned out better than I expected and my daughter loved them as well as her friends...or so she said.  What kid would rather a pencil over candy?  But I thought this was a good alternative to the massive amount of candy that the kids would be be getting.
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