Friday, March 23, 2012

Cherry Blossoms ~ Centennial Year In Washington, DC

Since we've moved I thought I would go and be a tourist in my own area and see all the sites.  We'll it just so happens that this year is the centennial year for the cherry blossoms in Washington, DC.  They were beautiful and definitely something to see.  They reminded me of the azalea festival that happens in Oklahoma where people travel from near and far to see the pretty blooms.

Here's a snap shot of the blooms.  Some were light pink, almost white and some where darker hues of pink. 

Here's my baby copping a squat under the cherry trees.

It was really picturesque.  There were all kinds of people there.  We saw a hand full of painters enjoying the landscape....painting away.

Here was the beginning of the adventure.  My husband asked, "Why are you taking our picture now?"  Well, you see I know how our adventures can end up. 

There were no more forward facing pictures after the baby picture because while we were distracted my five year old ate my red slushy/icy ice cream concoction and ended up red faced.  Oh, well it was a fun day and a memory to keep.

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  1. Love love LOVE these pictures!!!!!


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