Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Milk and Cookies Party

Milk and Cookies Invites
Here are the invites. 

Milk and Cookies Invitations
Here's the invite.  I made these using these graphics.  I usually never buy graphics but instead of me spending hours and hours on the computer and still not getting what I wanted...I decided to buy.  So glad I did.

Cookie Initial Letter

As you walk in the door I set up the gift table with Cookie Letter "E" for Emmy. I always hate walking into a party and asking, "where do I put this?"  Question solved.

I got the cookie letter "E" idea here.

Milk and Cookies Party
Since we moved in I haven't found anything permanent to go over the mantle and instead of a blank wall staring at you I saw this here and thought it was perfect. All it required was this free program you download and printer paper.  I took this photo of the birthday girl the day before the party.  It was so simple I even printed it off the morning of the party and my Mom hung it up with some double sided tape.  Easy peasy.  And to add a little character I added a yarn wrapped E.

Milk and Cookies Party
Here is the table setup. I bought this crate at Joann's and it was raw wood.  I liked it that way because then I could stain it any color I wanted.  So for less than $10 I had a customized vintage milk crate.  I turned it upside down and plopped the cake on top to give some height to the table.

Milk and Cookies Party
Faux milk bottles (Starbucks recycled frappucinno bottles).  I posted a request online and a lady saved over 40 bottles plus one of my friends saved also.  Free and easy.  I just painted the top of the lids silver for the one's I put in the beverage tub.  I didn't expect everyone to save so many.....thanks friends!

The cookies: we served animal cookies (the birthday girl's faves), snicker doodle, chocolate chip, no bake, and oreos.
Milk and Cookies Party
I didn't really get a good head on picture of the table but I had tissue pom poms above the table on both sides.
Milk and Cookies Party
Pink hydrangeas in a vintage milk glass.  By the way you can find those at Joann's.  Well at least at the bigger Joann's.
milk and cookies party

Chocolate "milk mustaches".  Used later for photo props and of course to eat.

photo prop
I mustache you a question,"do you like my party?"

chocolate photo prop
Party guests goofing off.

12 month banner
12 Month banner and invitation I put on our cork board in the kitchen.

milk and cookie outfit
Here is the only picture that really shows off the birthday girl's outfit.  Isn't it adorable?  I love it.  It has milk, cookies, #1, and her name.  Can it get any cuter?

I found these Ms. One-derful sunglasses at a party store and thought they were cute.  She actually kept them on for a few seconds at the store.  But no such luck on her birthday.

1st birthday cake
The highchair setup. 

diy 1st year portraits
 Here is my attempt at a portrait style photo in our living room the day before the party.  I used this for the tile picture above the mantle.

milk and cookies labels
Guests were encouraged to take cookies home that were left over using these bags.  I made the labels using the graphics I purchased and my Silhouette machine. 

starbucks bottles recycled

The official take home favors were oatmeal chocolate chip cookie mixes.  I modified this recipe.  I cut it down to 5 servings , which makes 1 dozen cookies.  Perfect size for the recycled Starbucks frappacinno bottles. I omitted the nuts and the baking soda.  Styled labels for the front and back of the bottles. 

The back labels were the directions. The scaled down directions are: 1 T of egg, and 2 3/4 T butter.  I tried it four times before perfecting it.  Tough job, but someone had to do it.

These were the inspiration for the favor.

This party was a lot of work and as usual I couldn't have pulled it off without the help of family.  Thanks family!


  1. Such a cute party!! You did an awesome job and the little guest of honor couldn't be sweeter!!

  2. Amazing job momma!!! Love it!!!

  3. What a fun,seems to b a very Enjaoyable Party..:)

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  5. LOVE THIS!!! I'm doing a Cookie Monster theme for my daughter's birthday. I'm wondering what the measurements for the ingredients in the milk jars??

  6. I am using your beautifully done party as inspiration for my daughter's second birthday!
    I would like to know what the measurements are for the cookie mix? I like the idea of a smaller portion...


  7. Where did you get the dress your daughter wore? The party looks amazing!


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