Thursday, May 10, 2012

Teacher Appreciation - Day 4

I Couldn't Have "Picked" a Better Teacher Topper for fresh strawberries.

Yesterday, we went and got fresh picked strawberries.  We would have picked them ourselves but with the one year old crying constantly and us in flip flops it just wasn't going to work out.  But for $3 a pint we got them just the same and in the cute green strawberry baskets.  Eighteen 25 is where I picked up this nifty idea and while I LOVED what she put in hers I am trying to keep the gifts down to under $10 a day for both gifts.  Remember, I included the teacher and the aide.  So far we are under everyday.  I didn't think of needing cellophane to wrap around the strawberries until after we were home.  Thankfully, we had just been to Costco and were able to use some of the scrap cellophane that came off the eggs and Ziploc baggies. No cellophane would be necessary if you were helping your child take them in but I usually am not out of my PJ's when I drop my child off at school.  I know....ludicrous to think I would need to be fully dressed by 8:30 in the morning. Ha. Ha.
Attach the adorable label to some wired red ribbon and tie it up with a cute bow and voila finished.  I did edit the tag in Gimp to include my child's name on the back.  I've been having her write on the back from and then her name....and it helps her with her handwriting but I do like the perfection of typed labels.  I hope the teachers like them.

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