Wednesday, September 11, 2013

How to Use Silhouette Print and Cut But Print From Staples (or other outside source)!

I was tired of using my ok printer and constantly using all my ink.  Those ink cartridges are expensive!  I have an ink jet printer but love the quality of the laser printer.  Then it clicked one day.  Download cutepdf (a free program), save your file as a pdf, take it to your printing shop for printing, and bring it home to use the print and cute feature.  Love it!

This is what the site looks like for you to download cutepdf.  After you install the program then...
Create your file how ever you normally would, then click print, make sure you select CutePDF writer as your printer.  This is how it allows you to save it in PDF format.
You then will see this window pop up and this allows you to then save it as PDF.  Bingo.  This is what we need to be able to send it out to be printed and then bring it back for print and cut.  Just make sure you save your file as a silhouette file and as a pdf so you will have identical files to open for the print and cut.  Also be sure and have it marked for registration marks to print as well.
I hope this has helped. It has allowed me to use the print and cut feature with professional results.  I also like to use a printer's bleed too just so I make sure I get a clean cut without any white showing, which happens occasionally.


  1. This is genius!!! Thanks! I have been putting off buying ink for my printer for ages!

  2. You are my hero! I want to do some print and cut but our printer STINKS!!

  3. Mine did too. I finally broke down and invested in a color laser because I got tired of having to drive somewhere to get my printing done. So glad I could help ya out.


  4. thank you very much! it's a big help.

  5. Thank you!!! My printer is not set up and I think it's black and white so I was hoping this would work!

  6. Do you know what of one that would work for a Mac?


I promise to reply.

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