Sunday, July 21, 2013

Emmy's 2nd Birthday!

pink birthday hat on a chunky little girl
Isn't she the cutest thing, ever?  I love her so much and can't believe she is two.  Well like three months...ago.  Life is busy!
little girl wearing boutique dress
My little cheeseburger in front of her birthday display.

little girl eating cake in high chair
She's so civilized. Lol. She is only two so I thought a smash cake was still appropriate but apparently not.  She wouldn't touch it until we gave her a fork and then fed her sister cake.

pink and brown diy birthday party table with ruffled table cloth
Here is her party set up.  I tried to reuse anything I had left over from last year and previous parties.  It was a very simple gathering.

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  1. Very cute party. Looking for ideas for my little girls party and this has been a huge help.


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