Friday, February 14, 2014

Valentine's Day - Frugal Husband Gifts

 You are one fine piece of meat label I printed off from here and put on the steaks we had for Valentine's Day.  I put it over the price label and put them in the fridge for my husband to find when he got them out to cook them.  Corny, I know.  But after 11 years of marriage he expects it.

 I HATE spending money on a piece of paper that almost everyone throws away.  I found the cutest card on Pinterest and since I am so cheap frugal I replicated it at home. 

 I also made this little book of love coupons.  You can make your own from here.  I edited them in gimp with my own cute little sayings.  I accidentally printed the blank ones off first so our 7 year old wrote in her our own coupons and gave them to him as well.  They were so cute.  Some of her coupons include
  •  slipper delivery
  • 30 minutes of peace
  • uninterrupted nap
  • beverage delivery
  • homemade dessert of his choice

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