Sunday, March 16, 2014

Hand Stamped Napkins

Here are some paw hand stamped napkins I did for an upcoming dog party I was throwing.  I know.....I'm crazy! But when I have a vision there is no stopping me and now with Pinterest it is a dangerous world I live in.  I saw these napkins first here and knew I had to do them. I bought a regular o'l ink pad but it didn't give me the look I was going after.  I wanted it dark (saturated). I then tried regular craft paint that you can get at the local craft store.  It looked more like I was envisioning but I had only had dark grey and I wanted black.  Again, I've got issues but that is a whole other story. Lol. I've got a bunch of craft crap stuff so I went looking through it and found some screen printing ink that I had bought and it was black so I gave it a go and it was just right.  Let me warn you if you try this it is messy.  I did mine in my storage room on the concrete floor so if it go messy I could clean it up.
DIY Paw stamed napkins

paw stamped napkins
Here they are all layed out drying.

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