Wednesday, February 18, 2015

School Auction Basket - Movie Night

Here is the School Fundraiser Auction Basket - "Movie Night themed" finished!  Our last school did things quite different than where we are now. They had an online sign up sheet for each class and usually the parents would be beat down the door to see who could get the most/biggest stuff there first. They always turned out great because of all the willing support of the parents. there was a different approach. The teacher did one basket and I did the donations from the parents in the class:( Ugh say what? 
Being a former teacher I knew that I could get some donations from businesses but it was hard to do since I was only
I used this as a template for the donation letter I wrote. This is what I took with me when I asked for donations. It helped a lot!
dollar store popcorn auction fundraiser

The clapper was one of my favorite parts of the basket. It came from Party City for $2.99. I personalized it with my Silhouette machine for some added character.

I added a clip art of popcorn and a drink to recognize the companies that donated to the basket.

Other Sources:
    • Dollar Tree
      • Big Popcorn bin 
      • Small 2 Pack of Popcorn Bins
      • Movie Theater Candy 
      • Box of Microwave Movie Popcorn
      • Dear Dumb Diary DVD
      • Pink Panther 2 DVD
      • Plastic Wrap
      • Red Shredded Filler Paper
      • Skewers for Heighth 
    • Party City
      • Movie Clapper 
    • Donated Items
      • Michael's Craft Store - Basket & Cellophane Wrap
      • Family Video - (2) $5 Gift Certificates
      • From the participating teacher - Charlie & The Chocolate Factory (Classic & Remake)

    Already had items:
    • hot glun/glue gun
    • tape
    • Shoe box for heighth (covered it with red shredded paper)
    • Lots of plastic bags (Walmart kind) to stuff where I needed filler)
    • Red ribbon
    • Donation hang tag printed at home on card stock from home
    • Popcorn & Drink clip art free online source


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      1. Sorry, Lee. It took so long to answer your question. You asked how I got the text on the graphic, right? I used my silhouette cutting machine to put the text on it and then cut it out. Hope that helps.


    I promise to reply.

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