Tuesday, June 9, 2015

End of the Year Classmate Gift - See You Later Alligator!

alligator sipping lemonade for the end of year school treat

On the last day of school every year we give something to each of my daughter's classmates so they know that they will be missed. Since we moved schools last year I luckily get to reuse some of the previous school gifts we have done. Thank goodness my daughter doesn't mind:) I had used this in first grade and we are using it again for the end of the 3rd grade. I'm pretty sure after this year she might think it's too "baby".

This a Facebook exclusive from Hello Cuteness's Facebook page if you "like" them. The owner of the graphics put lemonade candy in her's but I thought this was much simpler and some schools won't allow opened candy. I opted for lemonade packets that you can purchase at the Dollar Tree for you guessed it a $1. I think I bought 4 boxes and it gave each child 2 in a package for 22 kids. It would look better if you adhered the baggie with double sided tape but I was lazy in a hurry and just stapled it. I mean the kids are in 3rd grade I doubt they are going to be examining it that closely anyways.

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