Monday, September 28, 2015

Autumn Chalkboard Idea

My chalkboard has officially changed to autumn even if the Texas weather is not cooperating. One thing I do miss about Virginia is the fall. It is absolutely beautiful there. It was my favorite season of all. Watching the leaves blow off the trees from the woods behind our house was mesmorizing.

I found this chalkboard inspiration from Pinterest. Here was the picture I used for my inspiration. It was originally posted on by Katie at Clarendon Lane but as far as I can tell the blog is no more. Boo. Since there was no directions or tutorial I went looking for an image close to the quote "Autumn is the year's last loveliest smile." To my surprise I found one.  I cleaned up the image in Photoshop and stretched it a bit to fit my chalkboard dimensions.  Then took it to my office supply store printed a transparency and used my handy dandy overhead projector to project it up on my chalkboard and traced away.  I was going to take pictures of the steps but I get so carried away that I forgot. I'll try for when I change it for Halloween.

Update: Here is the tutorial!

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