Sunday, June 19, 2016

Father's Day Gift Idea: The Joke Book Only Dad/Gramps Could Love

My daughter who just turned ten loves jokes. She loves telling jokes and she loves hearing them as well. So, when I was contacted to review "The Ultimate Book of Dad Jokes" I knew it was a perfect fit. And double points for my daughter being able to give it to her Gramps for Father's Day! It was a hit! The jokes are appropriate for all ages.

He told her after he got it that he was going to study up for when she came back to visit. I was laughing because he is 82 years old! So let's see how many he can remember when she comes back. By the way this new book features 1,001+ funny jokes so good luck with trying to even read all of those jokes! My husband is in the background of the recorded video chiming in with his mother. They both hate all the jokes Gramps makes them listen to so now it's onto the next generation getting tortured with this hilarious book "The Ultimate Book of Dad Jokes." Think your Dad or Gramps would enjoy it too? You can purchase your own "The Ultimate Book of Dad Jokes" over at Amazon for $9.50.

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