Saturday, January 16, 2010

Deal Pics for Target & Old Navy!

Target 75% Toy Clearance
Princess Play Tent org. $38 Paid $11.24
(2) My Little Pony org. $39.99 paid $11.24
My First Shaving Kit org. (I think 12.00) paid $3.74
Nintendo Dalmation Dog org. $24.99 paid $6.24
WooWee Alive Labrador Puppy org. $34.99 paid 8.74
(2) Furreal Panda org. $38.00 paid $9.50
Plush Dog & Board Book org.$14.29 paid $3.57

Cinderella Dress org. $28.99 paid $7.24
Matching Doll w/same dress org. $15.00 paid $3.57

Old Navy take an additional 50% clearance.
Knit Pants Org.? Paid $4.99
Pink Shirt Org. $9.50 Paid $1.49
White Long Sleeve Shirt Org. $9.50 $1.49
Short Sleeve Shirt Org. ? Paid $1.23

Target has their toys 75% off right now, they do this every January.  Don't worry if you didn't get in on this go round because they also do a toy clearance in July which I think is better.  Here are my pics from last year from the clearance sale in July.

The last picture is from Old Navy where they have an additional 50% their clearance.


  1. Good for you! I just had to let you know, though, that the princess doll was originally $15.00. :) So you did even better than you thought.


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